East Sac County Elementary

East Sac County Elementary
400 S. 16th St.
Sac City, IA 50583
Phone: 712-662-7200
Fax: 712-662-6245

Welcome to the website for East Sac County Elementary, serving students in grades Pre-K through 6 in Sac City, Iowa. East Sac County Elementary is a community of about 444 learners from the communities of Auburn, Lake View, Sac City and Wall Lake. In addition to our pre-kindergarten through sixth grade classrooms, we are also home to a state wide voluntary preschool program. The diversity of our student body makes East Sac County an exciting and welcoming place to learn and grow.

Providing our students with a solid foundation for the rest of their lives is our priority. Our preschool teachers work closely with other grade-level teachers to ensure they are preparing our youngest learners for success. Teachers at all of our grade levels are highly-qualified and work hard to offer our students personal and individualized instruction.

Making children the center of all decisions provides a framework for our charge. We believe that positive and caring relationships are important to student success. Supporting evidence of our love for working with children can be seen throughout the school and in each and every classroom.

If you would like more information about East Sac County Elementary contact the principal, Becky Halbur, at (712) 662-7200 or bhalbur@eastsac.k12.ia.us