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We have recently experienced problems sending out emails through JMC. We now have the issues resolved but as a result you will now get emails from eastsac@onlinejmc.com.  Emails from this address include important school information, these are NOT spam. If you find that you are no longer getting East Sac JMC emails, please check your email spam folder to make sure they are not going there.
If you would like to respond to one of these emails, you can reply and it will send it to the person that sent out the email. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. 


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Lacie Rench
Middle School Associate 712-662-3259 lrench@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Megan Mack
Wall Lake associate 712-664-2627 mmack@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Alma Cortez
High School - Spanish Teachr 712-665-5000 acortez@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Lance Wilhelm
Middle School - 6th grade teacher 712-662-3259 lwilhelm@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Kelsey Struck
High School - Instrumental Band Teacher 712-664-2627 kstruck@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Brianna Fowler
Middle School Teacher - 5th Grade Math 712-662-3259 bfowler@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Jodie McAndrew
Sac Elementary - Special Education 712-662-7200 jmcandrew@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Tiffany Larson
Sac Elementary Teacher - Sp. Education 712-662-7200 tlarson@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Val Buse
Middle School - 5/6 Sp. Education Teacher 712-662-3259 vbuse@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Jill Lowe
Middle School - 5/6 Sp. Education Teacher 712-662-3259 jlowe@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Jessica Wilson
Sac Elem. 3rd grade teacher 712-664-2627 jwilson@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Debbie Honig
MS Associate 712-662-3259 dhonig@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Sandy Miller
MS Associate 712-662-3259 smiller@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Paula Carlyle-Pudenz
High School - Library Associate 712-665-5001 pcarlylepudenz@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Andreya Harms
Elementary Teacher - K-6 Vocal Music 712-664-2627 aharms@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Jessica Ott
Middle School Teacher - 7/8th Grade Science 712-662-3259 jott@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Alexis Veit
Middle School Teacher - 5th Grade 712-662-3259 alveit@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Erin Wiley
High School Teacher - Science 712-665-5001 ewiley@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Gracia DeBoer
Middle School Teacher - 6th Grade 712-662-3259 gdeboer@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Ali Schroeder
Middle School Teacher - 6th Grade 712-662-3259 aschroeder@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Matt Crabb
Sac Elem. custodian 712-662-7200 mcrabb@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Allison Hugeback
Sac Elementary - Kindergarten teacher 712-662-7200 ahugeback@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Abby Koster
Wall Lake Teacher - 1st and 4th grades 712-664-2627 akoster@eastsac.k12.ia.us
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