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Rachel Zehnder
High School Teacher - Language Arts 712-665-5001 rzehnder@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Lanice Kock
High School Teacher - Business Education 712-665-5001 lkock@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Kristina Krukow
High School Teacher - Family Cons. Science 712-665-5001 kkrukow@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Brian Mahler
Middle School Teacher - Instrumental Music 712-665-5001 bmahler@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Eric McCollough
High School Teacher - Industrial Tech. 712-665-5001 emccollough@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Jeff Niehaus
High School Teacher - Social Studies 712-665-5001 jniehaus@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Marilyn Peters
High School Teacher - Math 712-665-5001 mpeters@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Larissa Rupnow
High School Teacher - Ag. Education 712-665-5001 lrupnow@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Larry Tellinghuisen
High School Teacher - Physical Education 712-665-5001 ltellinghuisen@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Teresa Tigges
Middle School Teacher - 8th Grade Math 712-665-5001 ttigges@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Sarah Villegas
High School/Middle School Teacher - 7-12 Art 712-665-5001 svillegas@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Tammy Vine
High School Teacher - Spanish, Teacher Leader 712-665-5001 tvine@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Dave Waggie
High School Teacher - Science 712-665-5001 dwaggie@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Dennis Olhausen
Middle School Principal 712-662-3259 dolhausen@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Denise Waters
High School Teacher - Social Studies 712-665-5001 dwaters@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Ben Wise
High School/Middle School Teacher - Ag. Education 712-665-5001 bwise@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Kim Adams
High School Teacher - Credit Recovery 712-665-5001 kadams@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Stefanie Kelsey
High School Associate 712-665-5001 skelsey@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Crystal Pudenz
High School Teacher - Business 712-665-5001 cpudenz@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Don Cates
Custodian 712-665-5001 info@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Sue Barney
High School/Wall Lake Custodian 712-665-5001 info@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Mike Naberhaus
Maintenance 712-665-5001 mnaberhaus@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Dave Woltman
High School Custodian 712-665-5001 dwoltman@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Brenda Schwanz
Food Service 712-665-5001 info@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Angela Meredith
Middle School Secretary 712-662-3259 akmeredith@eastsac.k12.ia.us
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