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John Kraft
Business Manager 712-665-5000 jkraft@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Jennifer Carlisle
Administrative Assistant to Supt. 712-665-5000 jcarlisle@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Donita Mork
Administrative Assistant to Supt. 712-665-5000 dmork@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Larry Tellinghuisen
Activities Director 712-665-5000 ltellinghuisen@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Steve Nuetzman
Director of Building/Grounds 712-665-5000 snuetzman@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Patti Youll
Director of Nutrition and Food Services 712-665-5000 pyoull@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Phil Howes
Director of Transportation 712-665-5000 phowes@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Beth Litterer
Director of Technology 712-665-5000 blitterer@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Keith Brotherson
Bus Driver 712-665-5006 info@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Larry Bundt
Bus Driver 712-665-5006 info@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Irene Corbin
Bus Driver 712-665-5006 info@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Julie Howes
Bus Driver, Flex Education Associate 712-662-4300 info@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Phil Howes
Bus Driver 712-662-4300 info@eastsac.k12.ia.us
DT Huster
Bus Driver 712-662-4300 info@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Robert Nyblom
Bus Driver 712-662-4300 info@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Terry Reis
Bus Driver 712-665-5006 info@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Kevin Litterer
High School Principal 712-665-5001 klitterer@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Linda Schultz
Secretary 712-665-5001 lschultz@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Amanda Miller
High School Guidance Counselor 712-665-5001 amiller@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Gene Coon
High School Teacher - Flex Ed 712-662-4907 gcoon@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Becky Dettmann
High School Teacher - Family Cons. Science 712-665-5001 bdettmann@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Kerri Eichhorn
High School Teacher - Special Education 712-665-5001 keichhorn@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Rachel Zehnder
High School Teacher - Language Arts 712-665-5001 rzehnder@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Lanice Kock
High School Teacher - Business Education 712-665-5001 lkock@eastsac.k12.ia.us
Kristina Krukow
High School Teacher - Family Cons. Science 712-665-5001 kkrukow@eastsac.k12.ia.us
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