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Advisor-Advisee Tech Tuesday
Sept. 30th
Diigo (Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other Stuff) - Diigo is a great option for bookmarking websites and sharing them with a group, also known as social bookmarking. Diigo is meant to make researching, sharing and collaborating through saved websites an easy process.

Click HERE to sign up for a Diigo account (make sure you use your school email when you set up, not a Gmail account so you are easy to find by other students and teachers.) On this page click on the green "Free" circle to sign up for an account.

Diigolet - a Diigo toolbar that allows you to connect with your online Diigo account directly from your toolbar. Click HERE to learn how to install and use the Diigolet toolbar. If you need to add Diigolet to a different type of browser click on "Diigolet for other browsers" at the bottom of the page. Adding the Diigolet button to your toolbar is as easy as dragging it to your toolbar from this link.

Click HERE to learn how to research, share and collaborate in Diigo.
Oct. 7th
Managing Your Digital Footprint Video
Discussion points if time or on Oct. 14th:
1. Who do you allow to "friend" you?
2. Google yourself or with a friend Google each other. What do you find about them/you that could be seen as positive (for a college application) or negative?
3. Consider what you post on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook. Have someone look at your accounts with you. Is there anything there that should be cleaned up?
Oct. 14th
Cyberbullying Virus Video
Cyberbullying - The Dance

Discussion points:
1. Have you ever been bullied online? Know anyone that has?
2. What do you do if you are cyberbullied? (tell someone and DO NOT respond!)
3. How can students take a stand against bullies, online or in person?

Oct. 23rd
Mac Tips and Tricks

Nov. 11th
Microsoft Word - Notebook Layout View
Click HERE to view a video how to use Notebook Layout View

We all have to take notes from time to time and sometimes it would be nice to have audio of what happened. In Microsoft Word you can do this. Open up a new Word document, go down to the bottom left side of the page to the 6 boxes. Click on Notebook Layout View (2nd from the right).  This view looks like a 3-subject spiral bound notebook with tabs. You can take notes in the view just like your would write them out but the great thing is that you can also make an audio note or record a lecture or presentation to listen to later.

To make an audio note click on the "audio notes" tab at the top of the page, below the tool bar. To listen to your audio note click on the speaker icon on the left side of the page.

You can also easily add music, photos, clip art, movies, symbols and shapes to these notes. To open up the Media Browser go to the top of the page and click on the icon to the left of the 100% (it has a music note and film clip on it).

Ways to organize notes in Notebook Layout View
1. Use the tabs at the right to organize notes for a project (ex. chapter 1, chap. 2 notes)
2. Use audio notes to practice speaking Spanish or to hear yourself doing a speech

November 18th
"How to make a green screen movie in iMovie"

What is a green screen movie and how can I use it in my classes? If you've ever watched a weather forcast or a sci-fi movie you've seen the green screen effect in action. Weather forecasters stand in front of a green screen and the weather map is shown behind them via computer software. Any movie using special effects uses green screens to show an actor flying through the air or walking on the moon, think the most of the Avatar movie.

How can I use it in my classes?
1. Tell a story by putting yourself in the action. You are a Rome gladiator or a spectator in the Coloseum, a soldier landing on Omaha beach during D-Day, watching a bullfight in Spain... Describe what are you seeing, hearing, smelling...
2. Giving the weather forecast in Spanish in South America or Spain
3. Critique your art work or a masterpiece, take a picture of your work and describe it as it shows in the background
4. Make a virtual field trip
5. Analyse a game or performance as it shows behind you

Getting started:
NOTE: We already have a green wall in the small room in the library that works for this. It might show some of the texture of the bricks in the background sometimes but it has good lighting and is a quiet place to record.

Here is a video to get you started in iMovie

How do I get video I want to use into iMovie? Here are 2 options.
1. Use your phone to take the video and email it to yourself (as long as it's not a long clip). This option would be best if you broke your video into several smaller clips to email yourself.
2. Use Photobooth on your laptop. Before you take the video in Photobooth make sure to go to Edit and select Auto Flip New Items so that everything you do is not flipped backwards. Once you have your video recorded you need to get it into iPhoto. Keep Photobooth open and open up iPhoto both side-by-side. Click on the video clip and drag it to iPhoto, it will automatically import into iPhoto for you so you can see it in iMovie. All videos must be in iPhoto to be seen in iMovie.
Feb. 3rd
This week I will remind you how your computer can dictate your words into any box that you can type text into (Word documents, a web search, and email message...). Go to System Preferences, select Dictation & Speech, in the next window select the Dictation tab at the top of the page. Check the box next to Use Enhanced Dictation and select a shortcut for yourself to turn on dictation when you need it (I use fn, fn since I don't normally use that key for other commands).  Another way to start dictation is to go up to the Edit menu (in Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Mail, Word....) at the top of the screen and select Start Dictation.  Also, after you have pressed your shortcut to start dication say "Show Commands" and another window will pop up with other options that you can speak: "delete that", "copy that", "scroll down", etc.